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Watch me and my support system thriving on the

1 Cancer Patient YouTube Channel

Speaking engagements, vegan cooking tutorials, interviews, testimonials, and more.

Standing Series 2004-2024 before, during, and after three diagnoses. Photos with my husband taken by my dad.
You can take control and not be an emotional wreck. Watch me shave my head and then regrow my hair after chemotherapy.
Well known Ghostwriter, Alicia Dale, recorded a beautiful book review video for me while wearing an amazing hat!
When a friend and comedian conducts an interview, the first few seconds are my favorite. January 2024 with Tiffany Walker on the Multifaceted Living Podcast.
I was honored to speak at the Disney Family Cancer Center and Providence Health to begin Breast Cancer Awareness month. October 2, 2023.
Melanie McWhorter Photography Consultant interviews Traci Asher about her newly self published book, 1 Cancer Patient A unique photo journal to guide difficult cancer conversations. July 2023.
Hair regrowth photo/video – Diagnosis 3. One photograph a week starting 7 days after finishing chemotherapy. May 15, 2020 — June 1, 2021. Photos and music by James Asher. See shaving head diagnosis 1 photo/video below.
My book, Karen’s video, and Jim’s music.
1 Cancer Patient: A unique photo journal to guide difficult cancer conversations book reveal! It’s Available on Amazon!
Learn how to make vegan buffalo cauliflower with our best friends halfway across the country.
Two cancer thrivers, Stephen Starkman and Traci Asher (1 Cancer Patient) moderated by Melanie McWhorter of Grenade In A Jar Books, discuss his new book The Proximity Of Mortality: A Visual Artist’s Journey Through Cancer and how art as art therapy can help the healing process for patients, care givers, and loved ones.
“Cancer Is Annoying” Q&A at Hotspots! Gallery with Dennis Dean. Video Credit Mark Whittington
And Finally…Traci Asher introduces 1 Cancer Patient in person at Hotspots! Gallery With Dennis Dean in Florida. Video Credit Mark Whittington

1 Cancer Patient’s Presentation for Gilda’s Club Chicago.
Shaving head photo/video – Diagnosis 1.
Credits Georgina Cates, Talia Gleason,
Jeffrey Johnson Pictures. See hair regrowth diagnosis 3 photo/video above.
Opening Reception at DANK Haus German American Cultural Center Chicago, IL.
Credits James Asher, Kevin Day, Talia Gleason, and
Jeffrey Johnson Pictures
Learn how to make vegan jackfruit sliders with the Ashers.
Fellow cancer thriver, Christopher Baron, recorded a touching testimonial.